Tuesday, November 18, 2014

One year on! Comings, goings and Waaagh!

Holy moly, it's been a year to the day since my last post! Been majorly involved with a load of big changes in real life- moved house, new baby on the way and a new job role. These have all conspired one way or another to slow my hobby down, but no more! So without further ado, here's what's going down in hobby town... 

The Dark Angels were sold off a few months back as I'd finally reached my tipping point with them- whilst my love for the First Legion continues, I wasn't enjoying them as an army anymore. A young fellow here in Canberra bought them, so maybe I'll see them around some time.

So long old friends!!

Orks 2.0! 
Yep, there's a new greenskin force in the works- it's sitting around 2300-odd points at the moment and slowly getting painted up. Looking to go Deathskulls clan again but with a slightly warmer set of complimentary colours (reds, purple, yellow/black hazard stripes). This new force has more infantry compared to the old walker-heavy roster, but you can better believe that I'll be including some Kans and Deffdreads soon. At least there's a Morkanaut in there for some stompy goodness...

Here's some of the Kommandos I converted up- greenstuff, backpacks and stikkbombs for all!

Fantasy! Warriors of Chaos
Yeah, so I finally got around to buying a Warhammer Fantasy army. Whilst they are still all sealed in boxes it's great to think I'll have a fantasy army up and running (hopefully) soon. Like the Orks, a close combat oriented army, although I've recently bought a lot of old early 90s metal sorcerers so there'll be some serious casting going on. Hope to get some updates for them up soon.

There's been a bit of sporadic battle recently- a large 40,000pt + Apocalypse game with the CNSG (Canberra Northern Suburbs Gaming) lads for the club's open day, and a smaller 12k team battle (pictured below). The Orks participated in both battles and acquitted themselves well- the new codex takes some getting used to but there's a lot to like!

Here's some pics from the 12k battle.

Oh and as a final note- got some colour put down on the Warlord Titan. He's looking pretty nifty in red.