Saturday, June 29, 2013

A few big changes...

A fairly decisive update today, regarding the main direction I'll be taking on the blog from herein (at least for a while at least).

Due to many different reasons I've sold off the Blood Angels army and all of my terrain- a huge change for me, as I've always been the 'terrain person' in my group of gaming mates. However, I have a project car to finish off (1961 Holden ute), and needed to get my garage space back to get this done. My mate Al now has my terrain collection, so i'm going to get to be able to game with it all! I get my garage back, Al gets a great bargain on terrain, and will get a lot of use out of it- not only
40k, but maybe even rpg stuff like dark heresy, DnD, etc.

I also needed to pay off a few large bills, and so the BA went to help with this- sold them off for some good money, to a local guy whom is starting out on the hobby- a great force for someone starting out in my opinion. Depending on what he wants I might even do some painting for him to complete some of the units or add more. So they're gone, but I'm sure I'll see them round.

So the long and short of it is that I now only have my Dark Angels- they were initially
Up for sale but all I got was a host of very silly offers- apparently $300 is okay to offer for a 3500+pt Army filled with a load of old rare stuff. One guy even emailed me back to complain that I "was stupid for thinking they are worth more than that".

What I'll be doing from herein is primarily work on my DA, with a strong focus on rebuilding and repainting everything that is dodgey. All the robed tactical and assault squads are being paint-stripped, and I've rebased all the Deathwing. I've also recently added in a five man squad of Deathwing (with Plascan) a five man Deathwing Knight squad, three Ravenwing Black Knights and a Dark Talon flyer.

So there's a load of new stuff, a lot of old stuff being rebuilt/reconfigured and I'm going to get around to building up some things that I've never used before.

And, there will be more terrain later on- I'm going to build up some more stackable/ storable stuff later on, but won't be for a while.