Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Marines, Bikes and Priests- 21 November update

Assault Squads

All 30 are now base coated red (armour), with a single heavy wash of Carroburg Crimson in the recesses. I've worked out that to do the armour, helmet and pinning onto the base each marine owes me an average of 1.5 hours. So even ignoring the construction time/ prepping and painting the bases, thats about 45 hours alone just to get the three assault squads done. I've also taken delivery of a fancy new Battlefoam Assault Marine tray, I can get 5 full squads in there. Pretty neat:)
Thats one tray full of rage right there, and I can fit another 20 in as well!
I've also been finishing off the meltagunners for the squad- here's three with their 'hazard stripe' meltas - this is my second-edition 40K roots showing... three left to do, just ran outta time tonight. The melta arms jsut slide on snugly and aren't attached so i can finish all the other details later. As the pics will attest, this is a simple basecoat of yellow for the stripes- will wash and tidy later on.
Come at me armour :P


The bikes are all basecoated red, I'm in the process of assembling the riders and gunners, with three multi-meltas (melta spam!! everywhere!!) as I jsut cant justify bikes with heavy bolters. And besides, the bolters on the bikes have a 24" range, just like the multi's, so i'll get to use them as well :) Was initially tossing up whether or not to take the attack bikes, now Im glad i persevered, they're such great looking models!!

Moar dakka coming soon...

Sang Priests

I'm pretty happy- these are cool looking priests, and with the right combo of parts and a vague idea they came together quite quickly!!  Been researching people's tacticas regarding the use of SPs, mine will be put in the middle/rear of the Assault Squads, although if covering multiple units (6" range to buff squads with FnP and FC) I'll place them out on the unit's flanks. I think T5 2 wound Attack Bikes getting a FnP save will be highly amusing...

Greenstuff Grails and "cut 'n' shut" narthecium/chainsword conversions- surprisingly easy...

Im also thinking that these guys are going to get challenged, which works fine for me- I can refuse the challenge, and I'm just losing a few Str4 attacks, which means my Sgts will be freed up to deliver power weapon hits here there and everywhere- i'm relatively sure my opponent will want to cut down the Priests firstly to remove the Feel No Pain. Although the WS5 Sang Priest should be able to hold his own with a possible jump infantry 'Impact Hit' and four Str5 (furious charge) attacks in the first round.

That and any shooting hits on him can be negated with a Look Out Sir! of a 2+, as he's an Independant Character attached to the squad.

Just need a basecoat of red on these guys, maybe some gold to pick out the grails, and some white on the 'X' shapes on the jump packs and Narthecium arms,  and that will do for this weekend's game.

What's next? 

At this point in time i've only got a few small tasks ahead to get my BA army ready for the Apoc on Saturday. The metal parts on the second Stormraven, maybe tidy up the red a bit more,basecoat the gunners and riders on the attack bikes (just blu-tak' in place for this game), and then go back and re-check everything again. Two thousand points of Blood Angels assembled and Basecoated in a couple of months: done. But completing a solid 1850 list in the next two months in order to make Cancon?? Its looking like a 50/50 chance at best... maybe the holidays will give me more free time, who knows??  

Thanks for having a read, its appreciated. Comments and feedback most welcome!