Thursday, March 29, 2012

Persistence pays off

Welcome back for another update!

I've been steadily plugging away at both my Deathskulls and Dark Angels for the last couple of weeks, getting between half and hour and three hours painting in most evenings, and its really paying dividends. I've now got 10 Boyz painted up to a nice standard (see previous posts), and have completed all the basic green power armour on my two Tactical squads and one Devastator squad. Its hard to see at the start of a painting task exactly how you will make it to the end- the job in front of you can look insurmountable, but with discipline any job can be completed. And so it is with all these previously untouched minis that they are now starting to come along really well!

So for the Orks thats 10 from 60 boyz done- exactly 1/6th, or a third of a full mob. Its taken a bit longer than expected, as I think my initial "45 mins to an hour" projection per boy was at the very least highly optimistic. The extended paint time come from me now using four different browns for the clothing and straps and three washes for the skin, being Devlan and Gryphonne all over, then Badab applied into the deepest recesses of the face and arm muscles. I couldnt be happier with the result I have a really good rich green skin tone going on, the colours all over the orks interact well and they all have random armour plating damage and checks/dags in blue and white. And, to be honest i'm getting quicker at painting, and finding new techniques and colour/wash combos that speed things up. The three boys in the picture above are part of the first batch of ten (which includes a nob and big shoota boy)

Just to show you how overkill I've gone, here's the selection of paints i'm using for the boyz mob (and will use on the rest of the army as well), and I'm even missing Gryphonne Sepia from the shot as well.... so its easily 20+ colours, but im 'only' (ha!) using about 12-13 per mini so they maintain a random colouring.

Speaking of which, im enjoying the yellows, reds, oranges and other 'spot' colours that draw the eye, they contrast nicely with the blue/white panoply on the rest of the armour, and realyl brings out that "looted" look to show that the lads will steal anything that isnt nailed down! Hoping to go a bit further with the Kans, Vehicles and the Stompa, with some partial Imperial insignia showing on larger plates of sheet metal to show that they've been looted to effect battle repairs.

Will try to get some progress pics up of the Dark Angel Squads, although they still aren't much to look at just yet- dark green and  black power armoured marines!

Next up: things are going to get a little bit 'Epic'!! Yep, we are going to go small small small scale!

Until then, cheers!
Tempest :) 


  1. Nice job with the blue on their skin. It's bright enough to catch the eye but not too overpowering.

    Ron, FTW

  2. Thanks Ron! Yeah I'm happy with how it worked out- a good middle-ground colour with enough 'pop', but not so much that it looks cartoon-ish.