Wednesday, September 21, 2011

'Fallout 3' inspired wasteland ruins, and ANUCON prep

Wow, im so slack. Not at painting or building terrain, but getting round to these posts...

Without further ado, here's my latest creation- terrain built from "recycled" (read: chopped to bits) milk crates. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a stash of old trashed crates, with the bottoms hanging out of them, broken handle pieces and whatnot. With some dangerous cutting using a hacksaw, some MDF basing and a simple yet fancy paintjob we have some great wasteland type ruins.

Since buying Fallout: 3 for my Xbox I've wanted to create some ruins that look like they've been through a nuclear explosion and then left to rot for a century or so- these fit the bill nicely! This is one of the 4 pieces i've constructed so far, and will be used this weekend at ANUCON (40k tourney here in Canberra), im hoping to have about 8 or 9 pieces done to use on the one table. There's even some matching rubble piles to represent the roof or centre sections of the buildings after they've collapsed!

Furhter to this, im working on a super-cool Rogue-Trader (40K's 'First Edition' for you young'uns) mini to take to ANUCON, as well as entering it in an online "Vintage Mini" comp on Second Sphere, which is my 'home' 40K Forum. I wont put up pics of the mini just yet, suffice to say its gonna be awesome :)

Other tasks this week are: Putting together ANOTHER revision of the tourney list im taking, painting up two Deffkoptas to an acceptible 'base colours' level, some more detail on the Warboss... general stuff like that. The terrain has to be done before sleep time Thursday night, in time for table setup on Friday night... will i make it?

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