Thursday, September 13, 2012

BA Librarian update and paint-range musings..

A short update today, as I'm flat out with work...

I've gone a bit crazy with purchases for this BA project, and have recently bought a whole bunch of the new range of GW paints (can we still call them new??), specifically the complete sets of blues I needed for the two Librarians I'll be running, from the dark basecoat through the the topmost highlight, including a wash and glaze as well- 6 pots in total. Im not a fan of mixing colours, so for me just purchasing all the required shades is best, and the glazes seem to tie all the differing colours together. I understand this is not the approach when you're chasing painting awards but consistency across the entire army is my main focus, to that end I wont blend or mix anything.

The stash so far- I am still using older washes like Devlan and Badab, as you'll never know if i swap to the later versions, as their uses in this army are a lot more subtle. I've also continued to use the Boltgun Metal I bought only a few months prior, I havent seen any reason to swap out to Leadbealcher as they look identical to me...

 And here's the Librarian after a quick Caledor Sky coat. I've also added a few test sections of Teclis Blue for minor highlights, with Lothern Blue to go on for the final 'reflective' highlighting on the uppermost raised sections.

Once his greenstuffed foot pedestal is painted up to match his base he'll really look even better. But happy with the results so far.

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