Monday, October 8, 2012

Furioso- completed!

Today is short and sweet- my Furioso is now completed, after a very quick and brutal paintup in time for an online painting comp. While the finish is not as smooth as I would have liked its still quite nice, all things considered. Might chuck some more orange on the claws for some more definition, but he's basically done.

I particularly like how the script on his leg turned out.

Hazard Stripes will appear here and there in my army- a nod to 2nd edition 40k.
Brother Adiel, ready to rock n roll

These new paints, washes and glazes make painting a breeze, should have some infantry updates soon.



  1. Should've guessed the Furioso was yours :P (2S Elite Contest ;))

    I'll say it here first. Outstanding paintwork. I was thinking someone had ripped some GW pics and submited them, becuase this is easily same or better quality to 'Eavy Metal team.

    1. Ah Cheers Narric, you're too kind mate. Its not that good, although TBH the GW paintup of the Furioso is pretty blahh, its like they handed it off to one of their general army painters.. the librarian and DC versions in the codex/on the dread box are a lot nicer.

      And yeah, this is my entry for the 2S comp (vote #1 Brother Adiel FTW!). I was going to wait till the comp ended, but ehh, whatever :)