Thursday, August 16, 2012

Im gonna be busy!!

Quick update for today!

My parcel from the States arrived- this is what 20 Jump Pack assault marines, 10 Death Company marines and a Stormraven looks like- the amount of sprues is insane!! I've since undercoated them all- doing this prior to assembly means there is undercoat on parts that may not get sprayed when the minis are assembled. You just give them another light hit with the black once they're assembled, and away you go :)

30% cheaper than anything I could source locally! Just had to wait two weeks.
Here's another pic of my latest assembly job- Furioso with Blood Talons and underslung heavy flamer upgrade. Infantry beware!

Step 1: Charge Dread into a squad.
Step 2: Blend, liberally.
Step 3: Enjoy administering the judgement of the righteous.

All I need for him now is a Drop Pod and a lick of paint. You may have also noticed his spiffy new resin base- all my Blood Angels will be rolling on these, they are cracked concrete rubble bases, with plenty of space for heroic feet braced stances... very happy with them, but as always, adds to my workload!

I've also started assembly on my Terminator Assault Squad who will be rocking the TH/SS combo that is almost mandatory now for 6th. Will be perusing the Death Company frames for some nice BA trinkets to adorn them all with, and the Sergeant is getting a head from the Sanguinary Guard frame. With all this and the Forgeworld Shoulder pads they should look very chapter specific which is what I'm after.

Should have some painting progress photos up real soon. Thanks for stopping by for a look!


  1. Does base-coating the parts, before assembly really make a huge difference?

    Even when I started years ago, I wonder if it was the better option. But what do you do with parts that don't glue on with a flat surface, like the various accessories Kroot Carnivore squad come with?

  2. Well its not a huge difference, its just that it cuts down on having to go back over the minis with black once you've finished undercoating. Im happy to use a bit more extra paint doing it this way to ensure the coverage is good.

    Might not be worth it on minis like you've mentioned (Kroot), but for things like Marines and Tau it seems to help a bit. Although, if you arent keen on getting a super solid black undercoat (some people arent) then its possibly a waste of time.