Saturday, July 28, 2012

Farewell Orks, Hello more Blood Angels...

It was with a relatively sad feeling today that I handed my Orks over to their new owner, Colin, who had agreed to take them off my hands.  I was extremely driven to collect everything for the army that I felt I needed with the eventual list being pushed towards a Deathskull 'Big Mek' type rabble centred around a Kan Wall core, and in the half dozen games I played with it I was able to pull of some pretty convincing wins- in 5th this army was designed to chew up power armour which it never failed to do. So why sell it after all that?

Simple- I'd never finish them. With a new baby free time can be hard to come by at the best of times, and although I still have my Dark Angels to complete I'd decided that a close-combat oriented power-armour list was the thing for me, hence moving my focus to the Blood Angels. With the remaining funds I have from the Ork army sale I could go huge and buy everything I want but I'm going to try some restraint this time- I've purchased a 'core' of troops and a second Stormraven, and will work on it from there. The only other purchases remaining for the time being is a close combat Terminator unit and a Librarian as my HQ. This gives me a decent sized yet realistically achievable goal for painting and modelling in the months leading up to ANUCON (1500pts) and CANCON (expecting 1850pts).

Recent purchase just arrived- some Forgeworld Blood Angel Terminator shoulder pads. Love the detail, i've never bought anything from FW before but I can see why people like it so much.

So whilst the Orks are gone Colin is one of my gaming buddies, so i'll see the Deathskulls around for sure, and I'm sure I can get a lend if I ever feel the need to step away from the Imperium for a game or two. Although, having built that army I'm not sure about how I feel facing it across a table... at least I know where the weak points are! I hope they serve you well Colin, they are great fun to play!

Got half of the small bases painted up recently and I even glued on the tufts of desert grass/plants, the effect is awesome, better than I ever expected. Whilst the one previous 'test' base was painted with older colours the new ones are all done in the new range, and to be honest there is no perceptible difference. Had to be sure though, didn't want to run dry on a colour and then have to scrap or re-do all the bases, that would suck! I was mighty pleased to find that Gryphonne Sepia's replacement, Seraphim Sepia, is identical. Love me some sepia wash... whoops, I mean 'Shade'. I'm yet to paint the black around the sides of the bases, but thats a minor job for later.

 On a final note, one of my minis (Terminator Chaplain from my Sig/Avatar) is up on Facebook at the moment in an online comp, if you are feeling charitable I'd appreciate you 'liking' the picture- the more likes the better chance of me winning! To view the picture please follow the following link:

Slave To Painting- Painting Comp           

This guy here- he's awesome, vote for him!!

Thats all for today, thanks for stopping in for a look :)

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