Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blood Angels and urban city board progress

Once again, another shift around from one army to the next.... everyone must be getting sick of the lack of consistency between the posts. Sorry, I'm a tad OCD and I kinda flit around from one thing to the next depending on what random ideas are going on in my head... current thoughts have been revolving around ANUCON which looks like being on in mid October, giving my 3 and a bit months to build a new army, paint it up (well, kinda) and get my head around 6th Ed. 

The Orks and Dark Angels got their last 5th edition swings in at Final Fifth, and its now time for me to start some serious work on some Blood Angels so the other armies are back on the shelf for the time being. The Orks had given me a thirst for close combat so the Sons of Sanguinius are definitely going to help me scratch that itch.

In order to get the Blood Angels moving I decided it was time to sell off a couple of my remote control cars as well- another of my hobbies, but unfortunately one that I haven't had anything to do with for at least 5 years. There just  wasn't enough time anymore for racing, drift meetups or even zooming round the street, and the replacement and upkeep on parts can get a bit prohibitive. However, as sad I am to see them go its very much outweighed by the fact that I can use their sale to fund my other hobbies, namely my 40K armies- with a young family and a mortgage there is generally minimal funds for things like this so I figure sell my old toys to fund my new toys and there's no impact on 'normal' finances.

The plan at current is to take the units I already have (one Stormraven definately, Sanguinary Guard... maybe) and then sort through my recent Blood Angel purchases- I went and bought a load of stuff from a place in the USA (via eBay), and the cost is around 50-55% of normal RRP. I've got 20 Assault Marines (4 boxes), 10 Death Company (2 boxes) and a squad of Close-Combat Terminators all en-route...  I also just recently got hold of some desert-themed (ie Baal) resin bases for the whole army and some Forgeworld BA shoulderpads for my Terminators.

Also trying to track down a Terminator Librarian from Space Hulk, i'll be giving him a Storm Shield as well for some phenomenal survivability and he'll be great for squad-buffing with his powers (giving Preferred Enemy to thunder hammer/stormshield terminators? WIN). Although at current most online sellers want AU$35 plus postage!!!, and I refuse to pay that for one plastic single mini (especially considering that my Termies cost me $46 landed here!).

So far I've laid down the final coat of red on my first Stormraven, painted up (most of) the cockpit details and have started on the turret servitor and the pilot, and its all coming along nicely. The Mephiston Red really starts to look really fine on the third thin coat and the smoothness of the paint is great, none of the grainyness of the old Foundations. I've also picked up a pot of Ceramite White for use on the wings of the chapter symbols on the hull/tail, as well as for some freehand stuff if time allows... maybe not before Cancon though- which, i'm now happy to say i'll be attending! Was going to be in Adelaide, but thats now been pushed back to the following week. Happyness :)


Might have two Stormravens for ANUCON, although it could be tricky with transporting units in due to the new deployment rules (only up to half your units can be kept in reserve- ignoring flyers/models that have to start reserved), so i'll be juggling a few lists and getting some playtesting in before mid-October, and also to get my head around the new rules. I've read the rulebook twice now, might be time for an actual 6th Ed game??

Also- i've finished the base layers of paint on 4 of my modular city boards, the recessed roads have a dark grey and the rest is a middle grey- starting to look something like a piece of city now. I'm planning on a few more coats on the road for durability as well as a couple more greys on top of varying lighter shades, and will eventually top it off with some drawn on details, such as drains, gutters and some intersecting lines on the raised areas to look like slabs of concrete (or the 40K equivalent at least). Will then seal the lot with some matte spray varnish- Testors or Tamiya most likely. Here's a couple of pics- sorry for the quality, the light in my room is fairly poor.


Four down, four to go.


This piece will become a set of 'Gothic Traffic Lights'  


Baneblade patrolling the streets

Landing Pad looks right at home now

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