Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Welcome one and all :)

A big hello to anyone reading this, thanks for stopping in and having a look here. My blog will be updated as regularly as i can manage and will cover off the goings on of my hobby life, including painting updates, terrain builds, commision pieces and other work from the workbench.

I'll also be reviewing products as i come across them, highlighting older GW minis and putting up tips and tricks that people may find useful. As well as all this you may see the odd battle report appear as well.

Im looking forward to developing this blog as on ongoing chronicle of my gaming exploits, and i hope you'll keep watching and replying as the updates roll on.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to my Dark Angels. This army has been in the build (on and off) for around 4 years now. All the power armoured squads in the army use the Dark Angel Veteran bodies, so they are all robed- my army represents a specialist strike force of the most senior brother-marines, assembled from across the Chapter itself. I've also included several modified miniatures for my Captains- a chopped and changed AoBR model now has a Mk6 corvus head, different arms and a Sanguinary Guard jump pack and wings, and the other Captain is a Terminator with chapter-symbol leg greaves, custom built shoulder plates and Sanguinary Guard wings as well- he represents the legendary Deathwing Master Belial.

Alongside the foot models are my three Rhinos, Predator and Land Raider. Each features freehand chapter symbols, stylised and modified to some degree. Im especially proud of the Rhinos, they all appear to look like facsimiles of each other which was no mean feat!

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  1. WOoT WoOT!!!

    Now to register a business name and create an online portfolio!!

    Looking forward to following this blog!!