Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Ork Progress- blue blue and more (rusty) blue...

Due to several tournaments looming i’ve decided to get moving quickly on my Orks. I’ve settled on the “Deathskulls” clan colours, which is a blue paintup of  the face/arm/hand/ random clothing of weapon, this appears to borrow from the Scots as immortalised in the film “Braveheart”. It doesn’t hurt that the original concept for the Orks was as a “rabble of wild warriors” as based on the historic Scottish Clansmen, so this colour and theme works extremely well. I also ran with this clan as I came up with an effective paintscheme for armour and vehicles.

The following is the process I used for all the blue that isn’t painted onto Ork skin. It appears convoluted, but once i got it sorted out it was very quick and easy- washes and drybrushing speed everything up.

Basecoat: Chaos Black Spray (Always!!!!) > single, even coating of Hawk Turquoise> thinned, watered down Blazing Orange (1:1 water to paint) run along all panel joins, dabbed around rivets etc > very light drybrush of Boltgun Metal> wash of Devlan Mud > stipple Hawk Turquoise back onto middle sections of armour, leaving rusty/washed/metal areas near the edges of the panel. The close ups of the Killa Kanz shows the end result best.

The Orks themselves had the blue painted onto their skin randomly, this will be washed over soon with Devlan Mud and then (like the skin) re-highlighted with the same blue again. Simple but striking!

The Battlewagon and Looted Wagon have both turned out great, the Looted Wagon actually exceeding my expectations- the welded on metal struts and spikes have given it a really Orky feel that I’m happy with. The big bad “boomgun” needs painting up and im thinking of throwing some razorwire around it, but aside from that its done.

My next post will be up soon as well, will be my new urban ruins terrain pieces- check in the next few days for an update!  (I figure that being a terrain and Minatures blog I should actually put some terrain up hey...)

Comments most welcome!

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