Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Modular Urban Boards- getting finished!!

Terrain Update!

In between slathering red on everything in sight, i've been trying to get my urban modular boards ready for the tourney (Cancon) as well. Been putting down the road lines, some gutter edging and some drawn on drains. The drains will all eventually have silver/orangey paint on them for a slightly rusted look, but they work okay for now. Not bad for something done with a permanent marker :)

I've also started building a whole heap of street lights, using the outside edges of sprues, a cut down Tau Drone, some surplus large dice and a round 40K base. Underneath is a thin metal square, and the boards all have magnets sunk into them at various intervals. The lights are solidly stuck to the board, but are easily moved and are very sturdy. I've also started making some road signs as well- will have a few wrecked streetlights and signs to add variety.

Intersection looks so cool. Got two X intersections, two T intersections and two straights built so far.

Here's two of the boards so far, got another 4 to finish the details on.

Street lights and signs WIP. The lights only take around 20 minutes to build, even with two parts being drilled and pinned!! I just need more sacrificial Tau Drones...  The sign in this pic is taken from the raised highways I built a while back, I'll be building a few more like it.

Its just the small simple details that really make a board stand out. I hope the players at Cancon like it :) 
Until next time!

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